The Best Running Light for Safe Night Running 2023 – Noxgear Tracer Lamp Review

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Sufficient lighting for running at night is essential.

When running in low light conditions, runners must have high visibility, especially near motorists. It’s also necessary for runners to see the path they’re running on.

Finding which light to use for night runs can be quite the quest, so let’s discuss the best running light on the market.

Noxgear Tracer Lamp

The Noxgear Tracer Lamp is the newest released Noxgear product.

This clip-on lamp is the best running light for runners who currently own or are planning to purchase the Noxgear Tracer2 light-up running vest. The Tracer Lamp works exclusively with the Tracer2 or Tracer 360 vests.

If you’re searching for the best headlamps for runners, you should sincerely consider going the route of a Tracer2 and Tracer Lamp for the ultimate safe night runs.

The Tracer vests are the best visibility vests available. If you’ve been considering buying one, there’s no better time than now. Add the Tracer Lamp to your purchase for a fully lit running experience.

The Tracer Lamp is a big help for runners who run in low light conditions and need help seeing the ground in front of them. If you’ve ever fallen while running because you couldn’t see the lift in the sidewalk in front of you, you’ll want this running light.

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What Makes the Noxgear Tracer Lamp the Best Running Light?

Noxgear spends a lot of time developing new products to be sure they’re creating the best solutions to our running problems.

Here’s what you need to know about the Tracer Lamp running light:

✅ Two light settings – 500 lumens and 250 lumens

If you’re running in particularly dark areas such as trails, greenways, or alleys, the 500-lumen Tracer Lamp setting will last for 2.5 hours.

The low light setting at 250 lumens will last for 5 hours.

✅ Flood beam lighting

This means that rather than seeing one small circle in front of you, you’ll have a wide area of light pattern showing you the way. This light beam helps you know what’s in front of you and around you.

The Lamp is also designed with a swivel adjustment. Instead of being stuck with your light pointing down at one angle, you can modify the angle to best suit your needs on every run.

✅ Adjustable beam direction

Noxgear designed this running light with a “C” channel holder. This allows you to adjust the angle of the Lamp to be sure you can see what you need to when running.

✅ Fast and easy to use

Just clip the Tracer Lamp into the holder on your Tracer vest with the buckle clip. The buckle clip holder provides a secure attachment for the Lamp to snap into place.

In an instant, you’re ready to run!

I'm wearing the Noxgear Tracer Lamp. This is the best running light to pair with your Noxgear Tracer2 or Noxgear 360 light-up running vest.

✅ No bounce!

The Tracer Lamp was designed specifically for the Tracer light-up running vests.

This means it attaches with perfect snugness removing the bounce that happens with many chest and waist running lights.

✅ Lightweight

The Tracer Lamp weighs just 80 grams! That’s about 1/7th of a pound.

If you’re familiar with the lightweight Noxgear 39g wearable running speaker, you’ll note that a weight of 80 grams comes to a smidge more than double the speaker’s weight. That speaker is wildly lightweight.

This running light is also impressively lightweight.

✅ Handheld usability

Developed with the ability to snap the running light in and out of the holder, you can use the Tracer Lamp handheld whenever needed.

You’re not stuck using your light like a flashlight with a bulky elastic headband. Everything about the Tracer Lamp is sleek and practical.

✅ Weatherproof

Don’t worry about getting caught in the rain or snow with your Tracer Lamp. Like the Tracer2 and 39g, the running light is also weatherproof to keep working for you when the conditions get tough.

✅ Rechargeable

No need to worry about AA or AAA batteries. The Tracer Lamp has a lithium rechargeable battery for innumerable charges.

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How Do I Attach the Tracer Lamp to My Tracer2 or Tracer360?

In addition to the Tracer Lamp and the USB-C charging cable, you’ll find a Lamp holder with a buckle.

The buckle is similar to the buckle clasp on the Tracer vests that secures the vest around your chest. Essentially a buckle extender, the lamp holder allows the Tracer Lamp to sit securely in place without bouncing or shifting.

The Noxgear Lamp mounted on the Tracer2 running vest with the buckle clip holder.

Connect the holder at the Tracer2 or Tracer360 buckle and set the Lamp into the holder.

A perfect fit means you can run with your path well-lit and never have to stop to adjust where your running light is pointing!

How Do I Turn On the Tracer Lamp?

Noxgear keeps things simple.

The Tracer Lamp features a single, easy-access button for turning on and off. You’ll find this button on the front beside the light.

How Do I Charge the Tracer Lamp?

The rechargeable nature of the Tracer Lamp running light means you never have to replace the batteries.

Instead, use the USB-C charging cable included with your purchase of the Lamp.

FAQ About Running Lights

Whether you’re new to running or the concept of running in the dark, here are some frequently asked questions runners have about lights.

How Bright Should Running Lights Be?

Looking at some running lights that wind up on “Best Of” lists, you’ll see that the brightness can range from 100 to over 1,000 lumens.

So, how bright should running lights be?

If you’re unfamiliar with lumen measurement, lumens are how we measure the amount of light that comes from a bulb.

Don’t waste your time with a running light that provides less than 200 lumens. Fewer lumens than this might make it difficult to see on very dark runs. Over 200 lumens should be ample brightness to help you see the path you’re running.

For best night optics, prioritize running lights with settings of 300+ lumens. This will help you to see even on the darkest of nights.

A man running at night with the Noxgear Tracer2 vest and the best new running light, the Tracer Lamp.

What is “Burn Time?”

Burn time is a term used to describe the length of battery life.

A burn time of 2 hours means that the light can function on that setting for that length of time.

Some running lights, such as the Tracer Lamp, have multiple lumen settings. This means that different burn times depend on the brightness level used while running.

How Do I Choose a Running Light?

There are so many running lights on the market. How do you choose the best one?

What type of runner are you? Do you run in the early mornings or late evenings? Are you a trail runner who sometimes runs in low-light conditions?

Maybe you’re an ultramarathoner looking to be well-prepared for your next 24-hour race.

Whatever the case, choose the best running light for your running experience.

There are typically three main options for running lights:

👉🏼 Chest or Waist Running Light for Runners

These lights use a harness or strap that wraps around your chest or waist. This allows you to run hands-free.

Some runners prefer these lights because it places the beam below eye level. This tends to make it easier to see, which is the whole point of using these lights in the first place.

👉🏼 Headlamp for Runners

A headlamp is a light that straps to your head.

These are practical lights if you look in various directions on the run. That could mean that a trail runner would best benefit from a headlamp and the ability to see things to the left and right, not just straight ahead.

Like the chest and waist running lights, the headlamps also work hands-free.

👉🏼 Handheld Light for Runners

Similar to regular flashlights, handheld running lights and used by holding them in your hand on the run.

This means you need to be comfortable with holding the light for the duration of your run. The benefit is that you can see anywhere you can shine the light.

The Noxgear Tracer Lamp with holder and buckle.

Why Should You Choose the Noxgear Tracer Lamp?

When comparing the above options to the Tracer Lamp, you might wonder why it’s the best option.

✔️ You should wear a reflective vest when running at night anyway. The bonus is that the Tracer2 is better than just a reflective vest. LED lights are seen from any direction to help keep you safe.

✔️ Designed exclusively for the Tracer vests, you won’t have any bounce with the Tracer Lamp. Runners who use chest lights and waist lights often have some bounce, especially as the elastic straps become worn over time. The same is true for many types of headlamps.

✔️ Noxgear is a friend and family-run company. You’ll have access to top-notch customer service while supporting a company wholly dedicated to its customers.

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Final Thoughts: The Best Running Light – The Tracer Lamp

If you have a Tracer360 or Tracer2, you have nearly the ideal setup for low-light running. With the addition of the best running light, the Tracer Lamp, you’ll be highly visible and able to see all you need on the run. Noxgear has made the perfect partner for their incredibly useful light-up running vests.