About Me

Hi there! I’m Amanda…

I’ve been a long-distance runner since 2013. Today I’m a Nashville-based twelve-time marathon finisher, sixteen-time half marathon finisher, Marathon Maniac, and UESCA certified running coach.

Mae’s Miles and Music is a site dedicated to all things running. My goal is to help new runners get to the finish line of their running goals.

In 2013 I agreed to run a half marathon with a friend because I wanted a “13.1” magnet for my car.

That’s where my running journey truly began.

The race happened in an absolute downpour. I had purchased my outfit the day before (rookie mistake), and I had no clue what it meant to chafe while running.

Since then, I’ve crossed the finish lines of 12 marathons and 16 half-marathons. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the sport of running during all those miles.

I also remember everything about my first half-marathon experience and wish I knew all I know now.

Why I Blog about Running

✔️ I want to help other novice runners avoid the common and sometimes uncommon mistakes of running a marathon or half marathon.

✔️ I want anyone considering running a marathon or half marathon to find inspiration and confidence through the information I share.

✔️ I want to be your hype girl and see you cross the finish line of your first long-distance race.

In January 2022, after nearly two years without racing due to the COVID-19 lockdown, I completed the UESCA running coach certification.

Initially, I wanted to become a certified running coach to improve my abilities as a runner. The certification program also taught me how to help others accomplish their running goals.

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