How Many Miles is a 5k, 10k, Marathon? Helpful Conversions

If you want to be a runner running distance races, you’ll want to know the distances you must choose from.

When just starting, you might ask questions like, “How many miles is a 5k or a 10k? What about a half marathon? How far is a 50k?

If you’re a citizen of the US like me, talking in kilometers might make your head spin a bit.

Let’s cover the most common race distances so you can choose the best option.

What’s the Difference Between Miles and Kilometers?

You might know that miles and kilometers are not equal. When discussing many distance races in the US, we must convert from kilometers to miles to know how far we need to run.

You might not know that we give a rough estimate of miles when converting from kilometers. This is because the math gives us a fraction of a whole number when converting miles from kilometers. There are several numbers to the right of the decimal point.

Miles and kilometers are very different distance measurement units, but mostly they differ because of their systems.

Miles originate from the Imperial System, whereas kilometers come from the Metric System.

How Many Miles is a Kilometer?

In running, we have many race distances with numbers followed by the letter “k.” The “k” represents “kilometer,” a metric distance measurement unit.

You might see this word spelled “kilometre” outside the United States.

How many miles is a kilometer exactly?

One kilometer is equal to about .62 miles.

This isn’t quite three-quarters of a mile. If you’re new to running and want an excellent first running milestone, consider aiming to run 1 kilometer.

Once you hit the 1-kilometer mark on your run journey, you can set your sights on running one mile.

How many miles is 1 kilometer? 1 kilometer is equal to .62 miles.

How Many Miles is a 3k?

A 3k is a bit of a unique distance that we don’t often see. However, if you encounter a race you’re interested in running, you’ll need to know the measurement of a 3k in miles.

A 3k is equal to 1.86 miles.

With a 3k race, we see distance beyond a mile but still under 2 miles.

A 3k run is a great distance for a beginner to run.

Once you’ve successfully run a mile, this is another great goal once you’ve hit a mile in your running journey, and need to set a new goal.

What is a 3k in miles? A 3k is equal to 1.86 miles.

How Many Miles is a 5k?

One of the most common race distances for elite and hobby runners alike is the 5k.

A 5k is a perfect distance for many runners because it’s long-distance but not too overwhelming. I recommend new runners set their sites on a 5k for their first race. It’s achievable in a shorter time when compared to half marathons and marathons.

A 5k is equal to 3.1 miles.

How many miles is a 5k? A 5k is equal to 3.1 miles.

If you’re looking to make running a hobby, running the 5k distance a few times a week is a great everyday distance. If three miles multiple times a week is a bit much for you, consider running 2 miles daily for great health benefits.

A very important note: There’s no “5k marathon” race. This is a misnomer given to 5k races by non-runners. 5k’s and marathons are two different races.

How Many Miles is a 10k?

A 10k is a fun race distance because it’ll give you a taste of long-distance racing without the tiring experience of a half marathon or marathon. I love half marathons and marathons, but they are distances that take a lot out of you the rest of the day.

A 10k is equal to 6.2 miles.

If you’re looking to run a 10k, many marathon events, host half marathons, 10k, and 5k races.

A 10k is a fantastic race to compete in. Be sure you know everything you need to know to have a successful 10k race.

How many miles is a 10k? A 10k is equal to 6.2 miles.

How Many Miles is a 15k?

Another great middle-distance race is the 15k. Like the 3k, it’s a bit more difficult to find 15k distance races, but they’re out there.

A 15k is equal to 9.3 miles.

A large race organization that hosts a 15k race in the US is the Hot Chocolate Run. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this race and would recommend it to anyone wanting to run a distance that’s not quite as far as a half marathon but is further than a 5k or 10k.

How many miles is a 15k? A 15 in miles is equal to 9.3 miles.

Since 15k races are fairly uncommon, finding one to run near you might be difficult.

Although it’s always great to cover the distances between the shortest and longer distance races, you should know that if you ran a 10k successfully, you could certainly run a half marathon next!

How Many Miles is a Half Marathon?

The half marathon is a truly monumental distance to cover as a runner.

If you’re a half marathoner or looking to run your first half marathon, never think you’re “only” running the half marathon. Many people never dare to begin the journey of running a half marathon. You are awesome for wanting to complete the distance.

A half marathon is equal to 13.1 miles.

How many miles is a half marathon? A half marathon is 13.1 miles.

We’ve talked a lot about kilometers. So how many kilometers is a half marathon?

The conversion of 13.1 miles to kilometers is about 21.1 kilometers.

How Many Miles is a Marathon?

Basic math skills probably have led you to conclude that a half marathon is exactly half the distance of a marathon.

A marathon is a pinnacle for a lot of distance runners. This tends to be a recognizable race distance, even when the general public might not know the answer to the question, “How many miles is a marathon?

A marathon is equal to 26.2 miles.

How many miles is a marathon? A marathon is equal to 26.2 miles.

The conversion of 26.2 miles to kilometers is 42.2 kilometers.

How Many Miles is a 50k?

If you weren’t already aware, you should know that there are race distances beyond the marathon. Shocked? Me too, and I’ve run more than 10 marathons!

Any race longer than the 26.2-mile marathon is called an “ultramarathon.”

Merriam-Webster defines “ultra” as “beyond the range or limits of,” which explains these races perfectly. A person who runs an ultramarathon goes far beyond a marathon race’s limits.

A person who runs a 50k is considered an ultramarathoner.

A 50k is equal to 31.07 miles.

How Many Miles is a 100k?

Once again, we can likely use basic math skills to know that a 100k race is double the distance of a 50k race. So what does this mean? How many miles is a 100k?

A 100k is equal to 63.13 miles.

How Many Miles is a 10,000-Meter Race?

Have you found yourself looking at a race that’s 10,000 meters long, and now you’re even more confused? We’ve talked strictly in kilometers and miles up until now. What gives?!

The 10,000-meter race is the longest-distance track event during the summer Olympics. So maybe you’re wondering about this distance because you recently saw an Olympic or track and field race.

A 10,000-meter race is 6.2 miles – the same as a 10k.

How Many Meters is 1 Kilometer?

We can use some basic logic when discussing numbers within the International System of Units, also called SI.

The prefix ‘kilo’ essentially means one thousand.

A kilometer is the same as saying “one thousand meters.”

When we want to find the metered distance of a race of which we know the kilometers, we just multiply by 1,000. When we discuss the 10k distance (10 kilometers), we also discuss the 10,000-meter race distance as 10 x 1,000 = 10,000.

Why is the Distance of the Olympic Mile Race 1500 Meters?

You might note that a mile is equal to roughly 1600 meters.

However, runners complete the 1500 meters in the Olympic games, equivalent to the mile race. How can this be?

Because countries were not using the same measurement systems when the first Olympic games took place, the Olympic committee chose to honor the 1500-meter distance.

If you grew up in the US running the mile, you might remember that this was 4 full laps around the track. This is because a single loop of most tracks in the US covers approximately 400 meters in distance.

In other countries, tracks are constructed to cover 500 meters. This means the 1500-meter race completes three Olympic laps to finish the distance.

The difference between the 1500-meter and 1600-meter races is a fairly minimal distance.

While considering the 1600-meter distance a mile, a mile truly equals 1609.34 meters. Likewise, the 1500-meter race is equal to about .93 miles.

Final Thoughts: How Many Miles is a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon?

There’s truly a race distance for everyone whose interest in running is piqued. Whether you want to try your hand at a 5k or an ultramarathon, you can cover the best distance.

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